Electric mobility scooter: Transport of the future

A three wheeled or four wheel electric mobility scooter is designed for pedestrian areas. This includes uneven surfaces and pavement as well as indoor of shopping centres, retirement villages, churches, etc. The popularity of the adult scooter has made it a contender as the transport of the future. While its potential as an ideal alternative to the car for short distance travel is enormous, it Is the lifestyle benefits it delivers that are making it more and more attractive to Australian users of all ages.

Effects of restricted mobility

Restricted mobility may affect many people in different stages of their lives, with social isolation from family and friends often the end result. Major operations (such as a hip replacement) may take months of recovery time, a period when independence and mobility should not need to be sacrificed.
As we age, just getting around may become a major problem for some. Everyday tasks such as shopping, taking a stroll, visiting family and friends could be either too difficult or — in some cases — impossible to perform. Precious moments such as going out and drinking coffee or spending time in the park with loved ones and friends cannot be undertaken because of mobility issues. Independence and freedom, once taken for granted, may be lost, with a corresponding detrimental effect on physical and mental health and well being.
Using a travel mobility scooter can help change lives for the better, bringing back the freedom and reducing reliance on others. The improved lifestyle benefits of using an electric scooter for adults may be grouped into three main areas: social, physical and mental.

Benefits of an electric mobility scooter: Social interactions

Instead of being isolated at home with mobility issues placing severe restrictions on the social life, an electric mobility scooter will help give back a great deal of flexibility. The scooter will supply necessary support, allowing the user to get out of the house to socialise with friends, neighbours, and family. It also reopens the connection with the local community through access to community events and it is this restoration of connection with people that can play an important role in the recovery process.

Many clubs and associations throughout Australia, including ClubsNSW, the RSL and Services Clubs Association and Leagues Clubs Australia have endorsed guidelines provided by the Australian Human Rights Commission to provide access for mobility scooters in clubs and their surrounds. This with the goal of helping users to mix and mingle with friends and other club patrons.

Improvements in accessibility for adult scooters in such public spaces as well as in shopping centres and libraries also boost the social aspect, leading to a more fulfilling and fun life!

Benefits of an electric mobility scooter: Physical activity

There are a number of scientific studies which back up anecdotal claims that an electric mobility scooter also has a positive effect on the user’s physical health. The argument is that, unlike wheelchair users, people who have mobility scooters can walk, albeit in a more limited way. The adult scooter allows increased access to places where social and limited physical activities occur, such as parks and libraries. An adult scooter will also make easier a great deal of other physical tasks (such as shopping), which in normal circumstances may pose a physical risk to many people. The scooter, therefore, helps reduce the chances of injuries related to falls.
Use of a travel scooter can also be vital in helping physical recovery from injuries. While exercise is important in the recovery, there may be times when rest is just as important. This is where the electric mobility scooter can help take the pressure off the body to assist in the healing process while reducing the impact on the users’ normal lifestyle activities.

Benefits of an electric mobility scooter: Mental well-being

A questionnaire, used as part of a 2010 study into the benefits of mobility aids, found that respondents reported that “… patients felt their mental wellbeing, their perceived physical functionality and their overall quality of life had improved between pre and post mobility scooter uptake”.

Anecdotal evidence would suggest a link between the freedom mobility scooters give people and the positive effect on their mental well being. As one post to a patient information site said: “We got a lightweight mobility scooter. Oh, the joy of being able to get out! I think anything that means you have a better quality of life, [and] lifts the spirits!”

It is this interaction with others, made possible bythe adult scooter, which rebuilds confidence and helps reinstate purpose in users’ lives. Moreover, not only does the added freedom of an electric mobility scooter help bring a happier lifestyle, it also brings carers and family peace of mind knowing that their loved ones can maintain their independence and travel with less risk of injury.

On a different note, it is important to clarify that adult scooters are not restricted to senior citizens! A 2012 study conducted by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, NRMA Motoring & Services, CHOICE, EnableNSW and Flinders University, found that over 50 percent of users were aged 60 years or under. With 13 in 1,000 Australian adults using a mobility scooter, the report made clear the widespread use of the mobility aids, as they make up an important part of Australia’s transport future.

…well…how to choose the right mobility scooter

Finally, with the wide range of electric scooters for sale, it is important to find the right one to suit your needs and requirements. Usual features to consider include, amongst others, swivel seat for easy access, front and rear suspension, increased leg room, ground clearance, light indicators, turning radius, arm rests.

Other key selection factors such as weight capacity, if it is a portable electric scooter or whether it is an indoor and outdoor scooter play a very important part when choosing your next motorised scooter. Distance per charge (or kilometres the mobility scooter will travel between charges) and terrain (whether steep slope or rugged surface) are variables required to weigh against mobility scooters prices when picking the right one.
As for convenience, there is a myriad of accessories to choose from, being the most common choices: rear bags, sun canopies, walking stick holders, rollator holders and oxygen bottle holders

Feel the freedom, regain your independence!

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