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Posted on : March 8, 2018

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Does size matter??

You may have found – during your search for the perfect mobility scooter – that one size doesn’t fit all.


When looking for a mobility scooter, the first question you might want to ask yourself is. What will its use be?


Do I need it to take me from home, up that steep hill, down to my friend’s house and back? Or would I use it around the house, to go from my room to the kitchen, pack it in the boot of the car and off to the shops?


It’s an important question because in both cases you’d need different products to achieve optimal results:


Here is why. For long distance and uneven terrain you’ll require a mobility scooter that has more power and  wider tyres, therefore bigger motor and equivalent batteries to keep up; this adds up to its overall size and weight, making it heavier but mighty.


Now, different considerations should be made when intending to manoeuvre around your bed or kitchen, or along the isles of a supermarket; or when transporting a scooter in the car or plane (or cruise ship) to go on holidays with your family.


In this case, getting a mobility scooter with a tight turning radius is the way to go, and thinking of a product that’s able to collapse or to be dismantled into several lighter pieces is non-negotiable.


So with a bit of deep thought and advice from your supplier you’ll be able to play with the trade off between power and size and find a nice balance that suits your specific needs


I’ll explain here how our products fit the different categories.


The POWER CHAIR is our most manoeuvrable model, it can tackle challenging tight spaces as it can almost rotate around itself; this makes it ideal for indoor use; it can be operated with just one finger and has no tiller which sometimes can get in the way when trying to do things around the house.


It’s also great for those who get around on public transport as it fits nicely in the wheelchair section of accessible Sydney buses.


A totally different one is the LUNAR 3; one of our most compact mobility scooters. Since it’s a 3-wheeler, it offers tighter turning radius and greater leg room than a 4 wheeler. It’s an ideal choice for users that find it hard to keep their knees bent for long periods of time or for those who need to manoeuvre around tight spaces.


Small size - folding transportable collapsible mobility scooter Sydney
Lunar 3 – Affordable Portable Electric Mobility Scooter Northern Beaches


Our Lunar also dismantles into 4 lighter pieces to be easily stored or transported in the back of the car. It’s a great travel mobility scooter, the heaviest piece when disassembled weighs 19k, it fits in the boot of a car as small as a Toyota Corolla and with just a few clicks it can be put back together.


small size - Travel Mobility Scooter, easy to store, easy to transport
Luna 4 – Dismantled portable mobility scooter Sydney Northern Beaches


However, the feature that definitely sets it apart from equivalent size portable scooters in the market is the front and rear suspension that makes the ride extra smooth and comfortable


Our portable  LUNAR 4S is the 4-wheels versi


on of the LUNAR 3.



  • Available in 3 and 4 Wheeler
  • Tight Turning Radius
  • Easy assembling and disassembling for transport or storage
  • Front and rear suspension


Then is our SATELLITE which also comes in 3 and 4 wheels version.


This must be our most popular mobility scooter in Sydney since we opened our new branch at the end of last year; it’s an attractive combination of price, size and power, it has 800 Watts motor, 2 x 12 Volt /45 amps hour batteries which will take you around 30Km between charges (subject to use and terrain conditions) it’s fully adjustable and very comfortable and safe; this mobility scooter has had outstanding performance when tested by customers on inclined streets around Sydney’s Northern beaches, now we can say with confidence that it’s the best mobility scooter for hills from our range.


Another mid-range mobility scooter is JUPITER which has similar features to the Satellite, the main difference is that it has a larger foot plate, the tiller is also slightly longer and can be adjusted to any position; it drives differently so it’s recommended that you test both before making a decision for maximum satisfaction.


Getting into our large-range mobility scooters is GLADIATOR; a high performance 1,400 Watts motor machine, powered by 2 x 12Volt / 55 amps hour batteries. This mobility scooter will do approximately 50Km per charge (depending on use and terrain conditions).


With 180Kg carry capacity, 80mm ground clearance and 12 inch heavy treaded tyres, Gladiator is an ideal mobility scooter for rugged terrain or off road, its front and rear suspension makes the ride smooth and comfortable; it is also very stable and it offers great support and extra leg room for taller users.


And at the top is HURRICANE, the chief of the Freedom range; it’s basically the same as a Gladiator but bigger, better and very small difference in price. It has a motor of 1400 Watts, carry capacity of 220Kg and  2 x 12 Volt / 75 amps hour batteries that will do approximately 55Km per charge (depending on use and terrain conditions),14 inch treaded tyres, rear and front suspension, extra bright LCD lights for safety and a fully digital control panel. It offers great body support, ample leg room and stability in uneven terrain.


It is ideal for those who are used to driving a car but still like the safety of a smaller vehicle.


We handpicked the most popular mobility scooters in our range but please give us a call for further information on additional models, accessories and/or for a free home demonstration.


Electric  scooters are giving  back independence to those whose mobility has been affected, their versatility make them a great tool that allow their users to carry on with daily activities as usual and have a more enjoyable life; however, health and safety could be affected  if proper training isn’t provided or if a poor choice is made.


Mobility scooters are fun, easy to operate and cheap to run, there will always be one that fits YOU, just make sure you


  • Ask an expert
  • TEST it first
  • get proper TRAINING until you feel confident putting it together and driving it around
  • Stay SAFE and…




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