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At Freedom Mobility Scooters Gosford, we will assist with the troubleshooting  and repair of your scooter, we will endeavour to find the right mobility scooter troubleshooting guide and  talk you through the process over the phone; if the problem is more complex and requires a technician  we will come to you. That’s how we go the extra mile to help you maintain your independence.


scooter tyres in Central Coast,



Our services include correct toe in or out on 4 wheel scooters, test speed potentiometers, We also can check and replace the motor of your mobility scooter, check and replace the controller, check and replace the circuit board, replace the controller, test a throttle potentiometer and much more.


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If you are after scooter tyres in Central Coast, you are in good hands. We stock and have access to most scooter tyres, including equivalent to the rarest to find such as the 12×3.5 (300/70-6) mobility scooter tyre with IA-2884 tread (see our page on accessories, mobility scooter batteries Gosford and parts); We also stock mobility scooter battery charger, 24v mobility scooter battery charger, 24 volt battery charger for electric wheelchair at best prices.




If your mobility scooter losing power or if mobility scooter battery not charging, we know how to test electric scooter battery and have the tools for testing wheelchair batteries or test a scooter or power wheelchair charger.




If you just got new batteries for your mobility scooter but the display still shows an empty gauge you could possibly be looking at a faulty charger. Faulty Chargers will slow down the charging process of your mobility scooter or not do it at all, causing more serious problems in the long run involving electrical overload and eventually motor failure. It is important to test your charger at least once a year and replacing it when necessary.

Sometimes your mobility scooter won’t stop beeping and troubleshooting will be necessary , We will guide you over the phone so you can fix it yourself or if the problem persist we will come to you to assist getting your electric mobility scooter going again.

For your scooter or powerchair from Active Care, Pride, Shoprider, Invacare we will endeavour to find suitable parts and assist with your service. If your Luggie won’t turn on or if your Luggie Scooter crawls, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to get you going as quickly as possible

For the best mobility scooter service and repairs in Central Coast call FREEDOM-MOBILITY-SCOOTERS-GOSFORD  now on 1300 938 641 or Click here to send us an email 


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