Please bring us more mobility scooter repairs Central Coast (5 + recorded recently)

At Freedom Mobility Scooters Gosford, we will assist with the troubleshooting of your scooter because we enjoy doing it.  Sometimes it can be very challenging but we will endeavour to find the right mobility scooter troubleshooting guide if need be. At Freedom Mobility Scooters Gosford we go the extra mile to help you maintain your independence.


Location Item Service carried out Customer satisfaction Pending
Victoria St, Potts Point, NSW Power Chair batteries 12V50AH On site battery replacement Achieved
George St, Waterloo. NSW 4 new tyres 12×3.5 (300/70-6) and tubes. Front wheel alignment. General clean Pick up, service and delivery Achieved Sourcing replacemeng for anti tilt wheels
Ethel Ave, Brookvale. NSW Circuit board Replaced circuit board (horn not working) Achieved
Bellevue St, Shelly Beach. NSW Speed potentiometer Diagnostic over the phone. Part not available (machine discontinued) Client isn’t too happy
Bradley Dr, Carlingford Portable Mobility scooter wont move Pick up, diagnostic, checked power and control wiring Achieved


If your mobility scooter keeps beeping then troubleshooting will be necessary. Providing information is available we will assist getting your electric mobility scooter going

Mobility scooter wont move? mobility scooter keeps cutting out?

With a mobility scooter losing power or when the complaint is mobility scooter battery not charging, we know how to test electric scooter battery and have the tools for testing wheelchair batteries.  Call us now for your mobility scooter repairs Central Coast.

Call Freedom Mobility Scooters Central Coast to test a scooter or power wheelchair charger if needed

Sometimes, to test battery charger mobility scooter might not be totally reliable and sometimes replacing it would be the best option (At Freedom Mobility Scooters Gosford we stock mobility scooter battery charger Australia, 24v mobility scooter battery charger, 24 volt battery charger for electric wheelchair at best prices.

Mobility scooter motor brushes and mobility scooter electromagnetic brakes

We can test a motor brake; to  although sometimes it might be recommended to test wheelchair motor by a third party expert. We will be happy to help finding the right one.

For simpler things such as replace mobility scooter motor brushes we will be very keen to source parts and service your dc motor or help you find who does it. For most makes we know how to fix a mobility scooter and will try our best to assist you regain your independence as quickly as we can.

We can correct toe in or out on 4 wheel scooters, test speed potentiometers, test a throttle potentiometer.

Other mobility scooters service repairs carried out by Freedom Mobility Scooters Gosford:

Replacement Tyres for mobility scooters

If you are after scooter tyres Central Coast, you are in good hands. We stock or have access to most scooter tyres, including equivalent to the rarest to find such as the 12×3.5 (300/70-6) mobility scooter tyre with IA-2884 tread (see our page on accessories, batteries and parts)

Mobility scooter battery price?

Contact us now on 1300 938 641, we stock most battery types and sizes. From the common mobility scooter batteries 12v 50ah, 12 Volt Lithium, AGM and Gel batteries

We repair and service other major brands

For your scooter or powerchair from Active Care, Pride, Shoprider, Invacare we will endeavour to find suitable parts and assist with your service. Contact us NOW on 1300 938 641 for all mobility scooter service and repair Central Coast your mobility shop in West Gosford.



Anti tip wheels for mobility scooter. Look after them, replacements sometimes hard to find
Anti tip wheels for mobility scooter. Look after them, replacements sometimes hard to find


Replacement tyres for mobility scooters: 4.10/3.50-6 (300/70-6 Alternative) Tire for a medium size mobility scooter.
Replacement tyres for mobility scooters: 4.10/3.50-6 (300/70-6 Alternative) Tire for a medium size mobility scooter.
Mobility scooter batteries 12v 50ah
Mobility scooter batteries 12v 50ah
Mobility scooter battery charger australia - Mobility scoter repairs Central Coast
Mobility scooter battery charger Australia

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