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How long do mobility scooter batteries last:

The battery of your mobility scooter or power chair is the source of power that will keep you going. We need batteries that are reliable, that provide us with the range (kilometres between charge) they are supposed to and that are long lasting.
As such, care must be taken in order to extend the life of the batteries for our mobility scooter o power chair. In addition, when it comes to replacement, it is very important to select the right electric mobility scooter batteries so they perform at their best and save you in the long run.
The life span of your electric mobility scooter batteries, measured in cycles or years in most AGM batteries is excellent, provided that the batteries are not flattened or discharged more than 60% between charge.


Cheapest mobility scooter batteries


The mobility scooter battery price is just one factor, knowing the type of batteries and looking after them is essential. Not always the cheapest mobility scooter batteries are the ones that will be more cost effective. At Freedom Mobility Scooters Sydney, we ensure our wide range of electric mobility scooter batteries is priced competitively and we adhere to only the best manufacturers.


Demystifying the jargon around electric mobility scooter batteries:


Please visit us back soon, we are working on a good post that takes a brief look at the different type of deep cycle batteries out there, namely Sealed Lead Acid (SLA), Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and GEL batteries and some tips to extend the life of your batteries

…a sneak peek:
Some manufacturers assert that GEL produces more cycles, may last longer and is recommended for regular (daily) users. GEL is marketed as a good mobility scooter battery when flattening is likely. Although, it is advisable to refrain from flattening your electric mobility scooter batteries (as it decreases their life span), if you often encounter overly long trips that tend to drain your battery completely, you might opt for a premium quality Gel battery. GEL might perform better under these conditions than most other types of Deep Cycle battery.
On the contrary, it is suggested by some that AGM produces fewer cycles, so more suitable for the occasional user. However, it is also understood that AGM delivers more amp hours for the same battery physical size than GEL. Moreover, AGM is the chosen when a high burst of amps is required. AGM are also considerably cheaper, being more cost-effective sill delivering good performance.
The most reasonable approach seems to be replacing like for like. Reputable manufacturers of mobility scooters or power chairs have designed their product as whole and have considered multiple variables already. So, if your motorised mobility scooter was fitted originally with AGM batteries and charger and you are happy with it, stick to it. Also note that electric mobility scooter batteries are 12v, usually fitted in pairs and connected in series, so providing 24v. it is recommended to change the pair whenever a battery gets replaced.

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